Friday, 30 January 2009

Recovering from the op

Here I am on my own two days after the op that I was to have had 3 weeks ago. After the initial fear of anesthetic it wasn't that bad, and I was home by lunch time clutching numerous leaflets and medicines. One of which I will be using is to guard against infection the other strong pain killers which so far have not been touched.

Arthur has done a good job of 'nursing' me, mainly making tea and feeding me when necessary, but today he has gone back to work and I am going it alone. Is it just in the mind or do I actually feel worse today. I filled the washing machine and the dish washer not too energetic I thought but felt definitely woozy. I decided to carry on by hanging out washing and putting recycling in the bin and realised I wasn't 100% in any shape or form. How glad am I that:-

1. my head teacher already said that I could take 3 days off and with the weekend that will give me 5 in all.
2. that the hospital gave me a certificate for 3 to 5 days.

So no feelings of guilt that I'm doing absolutely nothing and still feeling tired. Poor Bailey may have to wait for that walk after all!