Sunday, 27 September 2009

Heading for the big 5 0!

It's fast approaching and on one hand it doesn't bother me but on the other I do still look in the mirror and wonder why my mum is looking back at me! Do I go all out and celebrate this half century birthday or keep it low key. Do I want to do something very exciting, something I'll remember into my old age or let it go with a damp squib!!!!!

Arthur rode the van Vlaanderen along with Ed, plus me and Nick to share the rest of the weekend which just happened to coincide with his birthday and for once my Spring term break from work. But my birthday is 3 weeks after the Christmas break and the next half term isn't until the end of February, I could write to the School governors for permission to have time off for a special occasion but what to do?

Arthur has plans for me/us which he drops hints about every so often but what do I want to do to mark this birthday? Need to give it a lot more thought!!!!