Monday, 10 January 2011

Deja vu and the 'elephant in the corner' (more will be revealed)

Here we are two years on from when I first starting blogging, and I'm sitting at home recovering from yet another operation. The resulting wound is healing ok or so the four different district nurses I've had have told me. But in myself I'm not up to much. Arthur had to visit the bike shop in nearby Leigh ( on saturday and I thought I'd go along, a bit of fresh air would do me good. We parked not 5 minutes walk away and I struggled to keep up even with Arthur in slow mode. Standing in the shop whilst we were served I began to feel a bit light headed and had to sit down.
I wanted to go to another shop just round the corner, managed to get that far, but must have looked a bit ropey cos Arthur suggested we go into a nearby cafe for a cup of tea, something he'd not suggest normally.

Even the smallest of chores seems to tire me so easily, yesterday a bit of washing up and sorting out clothes washing was all I attempted. Today I have managed a little more.

What is all this leading up to you may think! Why do we need to know this!

Well it's that 'elephant in the corner' or in my case the Scott road bike I bought for the cycle training camp so I didn't have to take my beloved hand built Bob Jackson. I can't get on it for it to be set up properly or to train on it and the training camp ( is coming at me like a run away train. I want to get on with my training but unless things improve by next weekend that is another week gone.

Hopefully the advertised easy group is just that and not audax riders showing how fast they can go which I've heard some local lead training camps are. I suppose it will be try it and see and if I can't keep up I will have to go walking with other 'WAGS'. Funny how best laid plans can go awry. But I can have fun looking at the 'elephant in corner'!

P.S. I also need to get back to my yoga, see previous post, if only for Arthur's sanity. It seems by going to yoga the clicks and cracks from my joints (knees especially) all but disappeared! Result!!!!!!!