Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lets try again!

Here we are at the beginning of October, with all those resolutions failed again. I didn't loose the the weight I'd promised myself, but on the good side I haven't gained any.
Because of Arthur's new business getting up and running we haven't ridden the bikes as much as we'd have liked, but when I have although I've suffered I haven't taken long to recover. The main ride on the Gate weekend was the usual 30 0dd miles but I managed to finish albeit tired but proud to have kept up with the fitter riders.
We have decided that a Spring training camp may do us a bit of good and give us a bit of sunshine after the long winter days. After looking at several options it was a bit pot luck. One of the camps we'd considered had a discount if booked before the end of September so we went for that one. Plus they preferred Saturday to Saturday bookings which fits in with my holiday requirements. Hopefully if we both enjoy the experience it'll be a early year starter to be repeated.
I've also recently started a yoga class hopefully this will be something I will not give up as easily as the gym which I found rather boring. One positive is that the class is only a 5 minute walk away so it won't feel too bad to go out on those winter nights when it's pouring with rain or freezing cold.
But as I've said before 'watch this space!'

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Time to move on?

Today is the eve of the 10th anniversary of Mick's death. I have decided that this year I will sort out all those bits and pieces, this really should have been done years ago. Unfortunately when I start to do this I find myself getting tense and upset. I have no use for these things, but memories are attached to them. Day to day I have learned to live with the fact I lost someone I'd been with for 24 years and married to for 16, sometimes it feels like a life time ago and sometimes I can almost remember minute by minute those first few weeks, what happened and what was said.

I coped on my own for the most part because everyone around me was hurting too and I didn't need them getting upset whilst looking through what to most people would have been every day items.

It now seems silly to hold onto parts for cars that have long been sold, but I could only take the parting of these things in small doses. But this week I have made a start, ringing people to come and look with a view to buying, taking photos to put on ebay. Making a note of books ready to ring someone who's business card was given to me 2 years ago or so.

Will I move on, and find the 'strength' to make a big push and tackle the rest of the house, so it will be clean and tidy ready to be sold in a year or so and it won't be a big panic to clear everything. What to keep for memories sake? What goes because it's been in a drawer for 10 years or more without me needing it? Coming from a family of hoarders doesn't help either.

I have a new life but the past can't be erased completely. But to move on is the right thing to do.

In memory of Mick

Michael Paul Hutson

Sunday, 11 April 2010


This being my 50th year along with two of my closest friends we decided to finally meet up with school friends we hadn't seen for years. The first meeting happened in January when Sue (who I've known since I was 12 and meet on a regular 4 to 6 week basis, the only time we didn't see each other very much was in our 20's and 30's due to marriage and family commitments) and I met up with Irene who moved to London in her early 20's and her life has taken on a different direction to us. After getting over the change in hair colour for her it was as if we'd last met a week or a month ago instead of 30 years. We spent many hours catching up unfortunatley as I had another engagement that evening the day had to be cut short. But we did promise that it wouldn't be as long again before we meet otherwise we'll be on zimmer frames or one of those motorised chairs.

Last Friday with my other friend Sue (who I've known since I was 5 or 6 and we try and meet 2 or 3 times a year for lunch to catch up on the gossip, if not we converse by letter) we met up with Julie who we'd last seen 10 years ago and Linda who Sue meets regularly but I'd not seen since my late teens. I don't think I've laughed so much in ages, the banter between us and Linda's dry wit was just the same. I think the other people in the pub must have wondered what had hit them. Again the afternoon flew by and we all promised not to leave it to our 60th year to meet up again.

Why is we let our lives go on and not take time to meet people, I have family members that I haven't seen for 10 years or more, why is it a 'family occasion' be it an anniversary, marriage, christening or the worst a funeral has to happen before we get together, it's not just me but also them not taking the time. Perhaps they like me think of phoning then think I'll do that tomorrow, that becomes next week, then a month then before you know it a year, 5 years etc.............. Who knows?

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fitness for 2010

During the summer I joined the gym hoping that I'd get into a routine that would continue to winter. As usual I failed miserably and even when Arthur joined too we only managed one session together before work, weather and poor health stopped play.

I got on the scales today, after many months of staying away, just to get a start on this years promise of weight loss and fitness. I was lighter than expected but heavier than I want to be. My first goals are 1). To loose at least 5lbs 2). To get out on the bike at the weekends 3). Use that gym membership more, all before the February trip to San Francisco.

Hopefully this will give me a good base for the early year audaxs which will be ridden on the Tandem, then to the first time trial of the year at Easter.
I had great hopes last year, but I was definitely not fit enough for the holiday in France, and I really suffered on the Gate Weekend. Let's hope this year is mileage high and healthier!!!!!!!