Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fitness for 2010

During the summer I joined the gym hoping that I'd get into a routine that would continue to winter. As usual I failed miserably and even when Arthur joined too we only managed one session together before work, weather and poor health stopped play.

I got on the scales today, after many months of staying away, just to get a start on this years promise of weight loss and fitness. I was lighter than expected but heavier than I want to be. My first goals are 1). To loose at least 5lbs 2). To get out on the bike at the weekends 3). Use that gym membership more, all before the February trip to San Francisco.

Hopefully this will give me a good base for the early year audaxs which will be ridden on the Tandem, then to the first time trial of the year at Easter.
I had great hopes last year, but I was definitely not fit enough for the holiday in France, and I really suffered on the Gate Weekend. Let's hope this year is mileage high and healthier!!!!!!!

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