Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lets try again!

Here we are at the beginning of October, with all those resolutions failed again. I didn't loose the the weight I'd promised myself, but on the good side I haven't gained any.
Because of Arthur's new business getting up and running we haven't ridden the bikes as much as we'd have liked, but when I have although I've suffered I haven't taken long to recover. The main ride on the Gate weekend was the usual 30 0dd miles but I managed to finish albeit tired but proud to have kept up with the fitter riders.
We have decided that a Spring training camp may do us a bit of good and give us a bit of sunshine after the long winter days. After looking at several options it was a bit pot luck. One of the camps we'd considered had a discount if booked before the end of September so we went for that one. Plus they preferred Saturday to Saturday bookings which fits in with my holiday requirements. Hopefully if we both enjoy the experience it'll be a early year starter to be repeated.
I've also recently started a yoga class hopefully this will be something I will not give up as easily as the gym which I found rather boring. One positive is that the class is only a 5 minute walk away so it won't feel too bad to go out on those winter nights when it's pouring with rain or freezing cold.
But as I've said before 'watch this space!'

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