Sunday, 19 July 2009

Glasses and fitness

Had my first ever sight test in April (apart from the colour blind ones we used to have at school)and was given two prescriptions one for reading and one for watching TV. Couldn't make up my mind on the day whether to have two pairs of glasses or one pair of varifocals, so left it. Kept putting off making the decision until trying to read a map on the way to a time trial very early in the morning when I had to put on Arthur's glasses. Realised this could be a problem when we go to France in a few weeks.

Well I finally gave in and chose a pair of varifocals. The optician said I'd probably end up wearing them all the time but so far I tend to put them on once I start watching TV. Walking up and down the stairs hasn't been a problem but just general walking is odd as the focus changes can catch me out. Not tried driving in them although had them on when moving the car on the drive, again the sensation was weird. Put them on today to watch the tour got up to go into the kitchen and surprised my self by suddenly thinking 'Oh I've got my glasses on!' So not so bad after all.
Have made another big decision for the summer, I've rejoined the local health centre, I'm hoping that I'll get into a routine before I go back to work and that will set me up for the winter. Got talked into the most expensive package but I do get a personal trainer for 3 sessions and she'll work out the best sessions for what I hope to achieve. I've had inductions at gyms before and once the trainer shows you the machines they never seem to be around again to help or advise on how to advance your training schedule. Hopefully with having someone there for the first few weeks it'll give me more incentive to keep going back. I'd like to start swimming again too as this is a good exercise for general all round fitness. I'll update on this subject after my first session.
Well the first session went well the usual machines on offer plus a few awkward exercises using a gym ball, I can never do those too many things to think about. Any exercises using the legs doubly hurts because those muscles are used for cycling and not used to being stretched and holding position. I take it things will get better, have my next session on Thursday, watch this space....................

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