Sunday, 1 February 2009

I have followed the 'moon bears' rescued by Animals Asia ( for some years now after seeing an interview on a news programme. These bears are captured and endure pain and cruelty for their stomach bile for 'traditional medicines'. I give what I can when I can for the sanctuary helping to rebuild a safe and happy life for these beautiful and engaging animals.

Recently Animals Asia have begun a new campaign to save dogs and cats used as food in China and Thailand. I will be the first to admit all my dogs have been part of the family and maybe I may have a soft heart where these animals are concerned. Bailey is allowed the run of the house when we are home and I let him take part in Christmas, 'wrapping' presents for him just for the fun of seeing the enjoyment he has in finding a chew or biscuit in the paper.

I can see that animals we consider as pets are a source of nutrition to some countries, Guinea pigs in South American countries, horses in France etc. etc. But surely these animals are allowed a decent life to help us live, when an animal is stacked in a small cage half starved, then beaten and cooked half alive because it is thought the meat tastes better, some education is needed. I became vegetarian around ten years ago firstly for health reasons and because some of our abattoirs were not killing animals outright before they went into the processing but at least we have Government agencies to keep an eye on these processes whereas it takes charities and dedicated people to help the animals in 'less developed' countries than ours. I'm not saying that everyone should rush to give money to this charity but I just had the need to get these thoughts out of my mind.

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