Monday, 9 February 2009

Furking weather

After having a great end to my cycling season in 2008, getting a PB for the first time in 8 years, riding my first 100km solo audax, and riding the Gate Weekend solo, only 35 miles but as usual it was up and up and more up, thanks to Arthur putting all those ride up the side of a mountain gears on the Bob Jackson. I had great hopes for my season this year. But the weather has got me at every side, cold for weeks before Christmas, then icy after. My op that has taken all interesting thoughts out of my head, and now snow, ice and rain!

Just a short walk into the 'village' with Arthur and Bailey has had me breathless and feeling tired. I can't get my head around riding the turbo or 'rollers' though I know I should be doing at least one session if not two when Arthur rides the cyclo cross. I even chickened out of riding the 40km Club reliability, which was cancelled in the end cos of the furking weather!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully in a week or so the weather will improve and I will get the impetus to get the bike out of moth balls and even put Orbit back on the 'rollers' put some good music on the MP3 and ride, ride, ride.


  1. Riding is killing me right now, but I'm forcing myself through it in the hopes that I{ don't get dropped in a two-up next year (and I bet he tries!)