Sunday, 29 March 2009

A woman's view of Calshot

When it was first put to Arthur and I to go to Legro's training camp it was sold to me that I could do the road ride on the Saturday along with Ellie. Unfortunately Ellie and I have had a bad time health wise so that was out of the question. I also discovered that the rooms would be as in hostels - single/bunk beds and shared facilities, I as a middle aged woman have now got used to home comforts when I go away and this filled me with dread. Sharing facilities with sweaty cyclists urgh!!!!!!

We arrived sometime after 7pm having already had an evening meal at a Services to be told that the bar food was really good, oh well some you win some you loose. Arthur and I were in the oldest building with potentially 10 people sharing two toilet/shower rooms. A decision was also made that Arthur and I would squeeze into a single bed rather than fighting over who should have the top bunk, lol! A choice that made Ellie squeamish. We went to sleep with the sound of the sea on the pebble beach - beautiful.

Saturday saw me up at 7am to get to a shower before the rush but I needn't have worried I think the older riders in our 'hostel' decided to forgo that as they were going on the road ride straight after breakfast then on the track straight after lunch. Result! Ellie on the other hand had her 'own' shower room opposite her room but it was used by several of the younger riders who some how kept forgetting to lock the door. Nearly some red faces!

Whilst the men and Mel went for their road ride Ellie and I walked along the beach past all the beach huts to what I later found out was a 'Folly' built for habitation that is now rented out. We turned back thinking we'd get a cup of tea before the others came back. As we neared the Activity centre Arthur rang to say they were back. We all went in for lunch - one level up from school dinners but edible.

Then onto the track for the first time. Riders were split into two groups Legro's and Rob's. So far so good. Unfortunately Legro was working on a time 5 minutes behind Rob which was rather awkward when Rob asked me to work the lap board and Legro tried to over rule. But I got a system going and everyone seemed happy. Ellie was busy taking loads of photos.

Sunday saw me up early again ready to fight my corner at the bathrooms but no worries. Quick breakfast and back to the track for the next session. Arthur unfortunately had an off after an argument with the wall, luckily didn't bring anyone off although there was a near miss. I was manning the lap board and after checking that he was up and still had all his limbs I rushed back to my 'job'. The morning flew by with the groups practising Madison slings and trying to improve their flying lap times. Quick lunch and then off for home via parts of Southampton that Arthur had lived.

From what had seemed a worry at the beginning of the week, what would Ellie and I do all weekend? Could I cope with the facilities? It actually turned into a great weekend and I'd have no worries about going again next year.


  1. Argument with the fence eh. I hit it three times before it got me! 3:1 to me I think

  2. Ok, ok! I didn't want to over cook the story!

  3. Pfff, real men take out other riders on the way out - ask the Colombians...